where_families_stay_outside_nycFamilies who want to visit NYC and find an affordable hotel with free parking are in luck. There are several areas north, south and west of Manhattan that have a hotels close to public transit into Manhattan. This makes solving the problem of where to stay outside NYC a lot easier. Below are several options for reliable neighborhoods and hotels families will appreciate.

  • Where to Stay in NJ Outside NYC
  • Where to Stay in Brooklyn / Queens Outside Manhattan
  • Where to Stay in CT / NY Outside NYC
  • Where to Stay Outside NYC in NJ

    Jersey City, NJ

    Neighborhood Vibe: Jersey City is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas for people who work in Manhattan but want or need to live outside the city. The heavy commuter traffic means that many of the best things to do in Jersey City are centered around the PATH stations. The Exchange Place PATH station is on the Hudson River where there’s a waterfront walkway and a park, restaurants and museums are just a few blocks away..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up People who are particularly interested in sights in Lower Manhattan like this area because it is close to the city, but cheaper than staying in Manhattan. Jersey City Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: From most areas of Jersey City, you can be in Manhattan in under 20 minutes via the PATH. From Exchange Place to the World Trade Center, it takes just six minutes. From the World Trade Center, it’s easy to connect to the Subway to reach other areas of New York City.

    Edgewater, NJ

    Neighborhood Vibe: Located in New Jersey just across the Hudson River from Upper Manhattan, Edgewater is a tiny three and a half mile long borough. It was once a booming factory town, but now it’s much quieter. It’s popular among those who want to live near, but not in, New York City. The views of Manhattan from Edgewater are incredible and the best part of chilling out in Edgewater. .

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Travelers who want to take the ferry to Manhattan and take in excellent views of the Manhattan skyline. Keep a close eye on the ferry schedule as during weekends, and late evening their is not service. Edgewater Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: The best way into Manhattan from Edgewater is on the ferry. It’s just a 15 minute ride from Edgewater to Pier 79 in Midtown Manhattan.

    Fort Lee (Hotel Shuttle)

    Neighborhood Vibe: Fort Lee is just across the George Washington Bridge from New York. It’s easily accessible from I-95 and has some beautiful waterfront areas on the Hudson River. .

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Those who want to stay in a suburban setting and not deal with any form of public transit to get access to NYC by using the hotel shuttle service which picks guests up in the hotel lobby. Fort Lee Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: The hotels in the area all offer shuttle service into NYC. If you do not wish to take the shuttle or you want to see more of New Jersey, driving or the bus are your best options.


    Neighborhood Vibe: Rutherford is a thriving city in New Jersey just ten miles outside of Manhattan. It’s an unassuming place that surprises visitors with the number of good restaurants, performing arts events, and sporting events hosted in Rutherford itself, not just in NYC..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Rutherford stands out for families for its comfortable suburban surroundings and relatively quick commute into NYC via NJ Transit trains. Rutherford Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: It takes half an hour to reach NY Penn Station in Midtown via NJ Transit. From Penn Station, you may transfer to the Subway, the LIRR, or Amtrak. A car is necessary to get around Rutherford itself.

    Where to Stay in Brooklyn Outside Manhattan

    Brooklyn, Sunset Park

    Neighborhood Vibe: Sunset Park is a beautiful, waterfront part of Brooklyn. It’s one of the few areas of Brooklyn still considered “up-and-coming” and off the beaten path. Many families have lived in the area for decades but new, young residents are starting to call the area home, too. It’s a great place for young couples and families to visit..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up People who want to feel like a Brooklyn resident, take in NYC views from the park, and save on hotels that also offer free parking. Brooklyn, Sunset Park Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: Take the Subway to reach Times Square in about 35 minutes. Other parts of Brooklyn are accessible by Subway in less than twenty minutes.

    Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave.

    Neighborhood Vibe: Atlantic Avenue is one the longest streets in Brooklyn and it’s lined with fun places of interest. It is the lifeline and dividing line between the Crown Heights and Bedford residential neighborhoods. It is a great area for families to stay as there are many family-friendly restaurants and activities like the Prospect Park Zoo..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Travelers who want a hotel with free parking in the heart of Brooklyn. Young couples will appreciate feeling like a Brooklyn local, and families might appreciate proximity to the Brooklyn Zoo. Brooklyn, Atlantic Ave. Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: It’s less than 40 minutes by Subway blue line to Times Square and the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Or you could take the blue line then orange line to Coney Island, a journey of about an hour and 15 minutes.

    Where to Stay in NY Suburbs North of Manhattan

    Yonkers, NY

    Neighborhood Vibe: Just north of the Bronx, Yonkers is considered an inner suburb of New York City. Many people who live in Yonkers commute to Manhattan for work daily. It’s a popular area with families who wish to raise their children outside of NYC but who have jobs in the city..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Yonkers offers up a suburban setting with a modest train commute into NYC. Travelers unwilling to drive closer to the city for accommodations will appreciate the hotels and small town feel of Yonkers. Yonkers Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: Hop on a Metro-North train in Yonkers and you’ll be in Grand Central Terminal in just 45 minutes. From there, you can connect to other areas of NYC via the Subway or hail a taxi outside. In the Yonkers area itself, you’ll see the most if you have a car, but you can explore other towns along the Metro-North train route easily.

    New Rochelle

    Neighborhood Vibe: New Rochelle is a small city in Westchester County, NY. It’s a close-knit, diverse community that includes many families who wish to raise their children outside NYC while still commuting to work in Manhattan. It’s a great place for couples to come visit for a relaxing weekend of checking out new restaurants and shopping. Families like the laid-back vibe too, as well as the nearby parks..

    Who is Best for this Location?

    thumbs_up Couples coming in for a long weekend getaway enjoy New Rochelle, the area will suite travelers who wish to have free parking and stay 40 minutes outside of Manhattan. New Rochelle Hotels.

    getting_around_48Getting Around: Grand Central Terminal is 40 minutes away from Rochelle Park by train. From Grand Central, you can connect to the NYC Subway. It’s best to have a car in Rochelle Park itself and it’s also easy to reach the area by car because it’s just off I-95.