Hotels in Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx near NYC Subway Stations

Updated On Sept 27th, 2023 by Katie Howard

The NYC Subway is open 24/7 and offers up some of the fastest ways to get to Manhattan. Use the Map below to find neighborhoods within Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx that have hotels within walking distance to the NYC Subway. Learn about each neighborhood, find hotels with free parking, and find hotels with a shuttle to the airport. Need expert advice.

Queens Commute Parking Airport
Hunters Point 20 mins No No
Queensboro 20 mins No No
Corona 40 mins Free Yes, LaGuardia
Flushing 40 mins Free Yes, LaGuardia
Bronx Commute Parking Airport
Mott Haven 25 mins Free No
Upper Manhattan 25 mins No No
West Farms 35 mins Free No
Brooklyn Commute Parking Airport
Williamsburg 25 mins No No
Broadway Triangle 30 mins No No
Greenpoint 30 mins No No
Downtown 30 mins No No
East 32 mins No No
West Farms 35 mins Free No
Atlantic Ave 35 mins Free No
Gowanus 35 mins Free No
Sunset Park 35 mins Free No
Jamaica 40 mins Free Yes, JKF
Bay Ridge 50 mins No No
Ozone Park 50 mins Free Yes, JFK
Rockaway Park 75 mins No Yes, JFK

Staying in Queensboro

Staying In Queensboro

People trying to save money by staying outside Manhattan, but who wish to be as close to Manhattan as possible will appreciate this location. The part of Queens near the Queensboro Bridge is a densely populated, middle-class waterfront area. It has a beautiful park and easy access to both Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The Astoria neighborhood near the bridge is a top pick for people who wish to live in Queens but need to commute to Manhattan. Visit beautiful Roosevelt Island on a sunny day for a picnic and be sure to take the tram. The Museum of the Moving Image is a good place to spend a rainy day learning about the history of movies and television.

Getting from to NYC

Hop on the Subway and it’s just 20 minutes to Times Square. The Subway is the easiest way to reach most points of interest in the area.

Queensboro Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Sleep Inn
Why: Best Rates, Free Breakfast, Parking Available

The hotel options in this area can be overwhelming, there’s something here for every budget and every occasion. But we’d start by looking at just three hotels: Four Points Sheraton, Fairfield Inn, and Sleep Inn. These hotels all have rates under $200/night, breakfast available daily, wireless internet in all rooms, and parking (for a fee). Of these three hotels, the Sleep Inn is the least expensive, plus, guests consistently compliment the hot food options for breakfast and the nice showers. Guests at the Four Points tend to complain about the cost of breakfast at the hotel and prefer cheaper options nearby. Across hundreds of online reviews, many guests comment that they would return to the Sleep Inn and the Fairfield Inn on their next trip to the area. We recommend beginning your hotel search with the Sleep Inn.

Staying in Hunters Point

Staying In Hunters Point

Travelers looking to save money and stay at a boutique hotel with a minimal commute time into NYC will appreciate this location. Hunters Point is a waterfront neighborhood just across the East River from Midtown Manhattan. It still feels a lot like Manhattan even though you’re no longer on Manhattan Island, but if the trains are delayed or there’s a slowdown in the Queens Midtown Tunnel, you’ll feel the distance. There are wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline from South Park, but it’s also easy to explore the East Side of Manhattan from Hunters Point. You can tour the United Nations, Empire State Building, and Morgan Library without going too far from your hotel. In the evening, 230 Fifth is a fun rooftop bar that puts out igloos each winter to keep guests warm.

Getting from to NYC

It only takes 20 minutes to get to Times Square on the Subway from Hunters Point. As soon as you cross the East River it’s easy to get anywhere in Manhattan by Subway, taxi, or rideshare service.

Hunters Point Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: LIC
Why: Lowest Rates, Rooftop Bar, Free Breakfast Buffet

The two hotel options at Hunters Point are LIC and Z NYC. These boutique hotels both have decent rates for the area. The LIC averages $120/night and Z NYC averages $169/night. LIC is a new, modern hotel with a beautiful rooftop where guests can relax. Guests consistently compliment the breakfast served each morning at LIC. Z NYC is also a newer hotel with a modern rooftop bar with couches and incredible views of the Manhattan skyline. Guests at both hotels rave about the staff in online reviews. Both of these hotels are fantastic options, but we’d start with LIC because of the price.

Staying in Corona

Staying In Corona

People flying into LaGuardia will appreciate this location because hotels offer a shuttle to the airport. Overall this area will please most travelers who want to save money and only be 40 minutes from Manhattan. Corona is a small neighborhood in Queens that’s lush with greenery from numerous small parks and the large Flushing Meadows Corona Park. It’s a family-friendly neighborhood with a diverse population from many nationalities. The main attraction in this neighborhood is Flushing Meadows Corona Park. Inside the park you’ll find the Queens Museum, New York Hall of Science, Queens Botanical Garden, and more.

Getting from Corona to NYC

It’s 40 minutes on the Subway from the 111th Street station to Times Square on the 7 train. LaGuardia Airport is half an hour away by public transit but just ten minutes away by car.

Corona Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Best Western Plus
Why: Best Rates, Free Parking, Free Breakfast

The two hotels near transit here are the Holiday Inn and Best Western Plus. The Best Western Plus has better rates at an average of $147/night, while the Holiday Inn consistently charges over $195 per night. Best Western Plus also offers free breakfast and limited free parking. While there’s nothing wrong with the Holiday Inn, you’ll spend more as the rates are higher and there are additional fees for both breakfast and parking. Across hundreds of online reviews, nothing particularly good or bad stands out about either hotel. For that reason, we recommend Best Western Plus simply because it is less expensive.

Staying in Flushing Queens

Staying In Flushing Queens

Young travelers like Flushing because it’s cheap, fun, and close to Manhattan. Others will appreciate that some hotels here offer a shuttle to LaGuardia airport. With a high immigrant population, Flushing today has a vibe similar to Chinatown. The streets are lined with Chinese groceries, noodle shops, and bakeries. You can find almost everything you might look for in Chinatown, but with a more laid-back, Long Island feel. Take a walk and look for a spot to get a massage or pedicure, there are numerous options scattered amongst the restaurants and shops, and most of them take walk-ins. If you like shopping, spend some time in the New World Mall.

Getting from Flushing Queens to NYC

From Flushing, it’s about 40 minutes on the 7 train of the NYC Subway to reach Times Square. The Subway is also a great option for getting around throughout the borough of Queens.

Flushing Queens Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Best Western
Why: Good Value, Exercise Room, Complimentary Breakfast

Of the numerous hotels in Flushing, we recommend narrowing your search to the Ramada, Flushing Hotel, and Best Western. All three hotels have good rates that are generally well under $150 per night. The Flushing Hotel is the least expensive and a boutique hotel with free parking, but there’s no gym and no pets allowed. The Ramada and Best Western don’t allow pets either, but they do have on-site gym facilities. However, across hundreds of online reviews, the Best Western consistently gets the most praise for spacious rooms and good breakfast. We recommend beginning your hotel search in the Flushing area with the Best Western.

Staying in Downtown Brooklyn

Staying In Downtown Brooklyn

Downtown Brooklyn is a great area for people who want to enjoy the best of both Manhattan and Brooklyn as the public transit is excellent and you can easily hop between neighborhoods from downtown. Downtown is the commercial heart of Brooklyn and is quickly becoming a popular residential area as well. However, after five and on weekends it’s still a quiet neighborhood. Downtown Brooklyn is a great area for people who want to enjoy the best of both Manhattan and Brooklyn as the public transit is excellent and you can easily hop between neighborhoods from downtown. The top sight in Downtown Brooklyn is the New York Transit Museum. At this popular museum you get to see and explore vintage trains while learning the history of mass transit in NYC.

Getting from Downtown Brooklyn to NYC

It takes about half an hour to reach Times Square on the Subway, which is the best method of transportation in Brooklyn.

Downtown Brooklyn Hotels

Recommended Hotel: EVEN Hotel Brooklyn
Why: Competitive Rates, Focus on health and wellness, Free WiFi

There are many hotels in the Downtown Brooklyn area. The major hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton are present and on par with what you’d expect from those brands. However, we recommend the EVEN Hotel Brooklyn. The EVEN brand focuses on health and wellness and guests seem to like the extra spa-like amenities. The fitness center is open 24/7. Breakfast is available for purchase each morning in the Cork and Kale Market and Bar, though there is not a full restaurant. Mineral water and water infused with flavors like cucumber and pomegranate are available all day for free. Guests like that there is also basic workout equipment and workout videos in each room. We recommend the Even Hotel Brooklyn to health conscious travelers who want to enjoy their trip without getting off track from a fitness routine.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn Hotels

Recommended Hotel: McCarren Hotel and Pool
Why: Best Rates, Rooftop Bar, Luxury Hotel

There are two luxurious hotels in Williamsburg. We recommend the McCarren Hotel and Pool as it has the best rates. These are premium hotels so the average rate at the McCarren Hotel is $298/night. By contrast, the nearby William Vale costs $348/night. Both hotels offer parking for $25/day and have breakfast available for purchase. Both hotels also have rooftop bars with excellent views of Manhattan. Guests like the Sunset Happy Hour drink specials at the McCarren Rooftop Bar. We recommend the McCarren Hotel for special occasions, especially in the summer when the pool is open.

Staying in Greenpoint Brooklyn

Staying In Greenpoint Brooklyn

Travelers who want a boutique hotel in a charming area of Brooklyn with a short commute to Manhattan. Tucked up in the northwest corner of Brooklyn, the Greenpoint neighborhood feels more like a small town than part of a major city. Young families like the combination of trendy new restaurants and bars next to old world hangouts and families who have been in the neighborhood for generations. Greenpoint is an excellent neighborhood to shop for fun, one of a kind items. Dusty Rose Vintage keeps a huge inventory of fun clothing in stock and some of the best deals are hidden at the bottom of clothing bins. The independent bookstore Word hosts regular events and features local authors.

Getting from Greenpoint to NYC
From Greenpoint it’s about 30 minutes on the Subway to Times Square. Take the green line to Court Square and then transfer to the purple line.

Greenpoint Brooklyn Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Franklin Guesthouse
Why: All Rooms Have Kitchens, Boutique Hotel, Excellent Staff

The Franklin Guesthouse is the best hotel in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn. You’ll spend a bit more to stay here as the average room rate is $313/night, but the amenities are worth the money. The suites in this boutique hotel feel more like small apartments and have full kitchens. Guests even report happily cooking holiday meals for large groups in their suites. The main drawback to this hotel is that there is no parking. We recommend this hotel for couples or groups who wish to have the experience of living in an apartment during their New York City trip.

Broadway Triangle, Brooklyn Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Bklyn House Hotel
Why: Free Breakfast, Friendly Staff, Rooftop Lounge

There are two nice hotels in the Broadway Triangle area of Brooklyn: Sumner Hotel and Bklyn House Hotel. Broadway Triangle is the intersection of three popular Brooklyn neighborhoods: Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Bed-Stuy. By staying in this area, you’re in the middle of great restaurants, breweries, and shopping while still just 30 minutes from Midtown Manhattan. We recommend staying at the Bklyn House Hotel for the best stay in the Broadway Triangle. The average price at Bklyn House is about $190/night. The Sumner Hotel is a little bit cheaper at $159/night. However, the amenities at Bklyn House are worth the extra cost. Guests like the free breakfast and rooftop lounge at Bklyn House. Guests have complained that the Sumner Hotel is not up to their standards of cleanliness. They also note that the Sumner Hotel participates in a shelter program to give housing to area homeless, which some guests did not like. Both hotels have free wireless internet in guest rooms and neither hotel has a gym or pool. We recommend the Bklyn House Hotel for a fun, relaxing stay in the Broadway Triangle.

Staying in Ozone Park

Staying In Ozone Park, JFK Shuttle

People who want an affordable hotel that offer a free shuttle to JFK and is also within walking distance to the NYC subway station. This quiet residential area is a planned community in Queens that was settled in the 1880s. It’s still a bustling little community with historic homes, churches, and restaurants that have been in the area for decades. The family-friendly vibe is welcoming even for short stays. Ozone Park itself doesn’t have many attractions, but it is so easy to get to New York City and other parts of Queens that it doesn’t matter too much. In nearby Flushing, families like the New York Hall of Science and Queens Museum of Art.

Getting from Ozone Park to NYC

It takes just under an hour to reach Times Square on the Subway from Ozone Park. But it’s only half an hour to JFK airport via Subway and AirTrain. In a car, you can be at JFK in fifteen minutes.

Ozone Park Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Days Inn
Why: Best Rates, On-Site Restaurant

The hotels in this area are nothing special, but both the Comfort Inn and Days Inn are good enough for a night or two. Both hotels offer free in-room wifi, breakfast, and parking. Neither hotel has a pool. Only the Days Inn has a restaurant, and the rates at the Days Inn are far lower than the rates at the Comfort Inn. Reviews for both hotels are mixed, some say that both the Comfort Inn and Days Inn are disgusting while others state that both hotels have good housekeeping services. Overall, we recommend the Days Inn due to the convenience of an on-site restaurant, especially when you just need a short stay near the airport.

Hotels with JFK Shuttle in East NY Brooklyn

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Bliss
Why: Best Rates, Clean Rooms, Free WiFi

People who need a cheap room near JFK Airport should only consider this option. East New York is a diverse residential and industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s 45 minutes from Times Square on the red line. The best Hotel in the Brooklyn, East New York area is aptly named Hotel Bliss. At an average price of $111/night it’s a cheap place to sleep before a flight at JFK Airport. It’s a basic hotel, but it does offer free parking and free wireless internet in all rooms. There’s no breakfast but the Lindenwood Diner nearby is good. The biggest drawbacks are the lack of gym and no restaurant on-site. However, guests like how clean the rooms are and the friendly staff.

Staying in Jamaica Brooklyn

Staying In Jamaica Brooklyn

Those who want an affordable hotel within walking distance to the subway and close to JFK airport. Travelers who want to discover an off the beaten path area of New York. Jamaica, Queens is just outside of Brooklyn, only 40 minutes by train to Midtown Manhattan, and convenient to JFK Airport. It is quickly becoming one of the hottest neighborhoods in New York. Rents are still cheap and people are moving here as Brooklyn gets more expensive. Performing arts is popular in the neighborhood and you can usually catch a show somewhere in Jamaica. The Afrikan Poetry Theatre features poetry as well as jazz concerts. The Black Spectrum Theatre has shows that tell stories of the African diaspora.

Getting from Jamica Brooklyn to NYC

From Jamaica, you have easy access to both the Subway and LIRR. Take the blue line on the Subway to get to Times Square. Or take the LIRR out to explore Long Island towns like Mineola and Port Jefferson.

Jamaica Hotels with Shuttle to JFK Airport

Recommended Hotel: Best Western Jamaica Inn
Why: Clean, Free Breakfast, Free Parking

There are three hotels in the Jamaica area of Queens. All are convenient to the train station and JFK Airport. We recommend the Best Western Jamaica Inn over the Knights Inn and Lexington Inn. All of these hotels offer similar amenities like free wireless internet in guest rooms and free breakfast. The Best Western is the best choice because the hotel is clean. Both the Knights Inn and Lexington Inn have received significant complaints about cleanliness including stained and ripped sheets. Guests at the Best Western complimented the cleanliness of the hotel. Guests at the Best Western also liked that rooms have mini fridges and microwaves.

Staying Along Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn

Staying On Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn

Travelers who want a hotel with free parking in the heart of Brooklyn. Young couples will appreciate feeling like a Brooklyn local, and families might appreciate proximity to the Brooklyn Zoo. Atlantic Avenue is one the longest streets in Brooklyn and it’s lined with fun places of interest. It is the lifeline and dividing line between the Crown Heights and Bedford residential neighborhoods. It is a great area for families to stay as there are many family-friendly restaurants and activities like the Prospect Park Zoo. The Brooklyn Children’s Museum is one of the oldest children’s museums in the world and hosts many special events. The annual Atlantic Antic festival is popular with families as well as those without children. Vendors from all over Brooklyn come out to celebrate the neighborhood with food, drinks, music, and more.

Getting from Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn to NYC

It’s less than 40 minutes by Subway blue line to Times Square and the heart of Midtown Manhattan. Or you could take the blue line then orange line to Coney Island, a journey of about an hour and 15 minutes.

Hotels Along Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn

Recommended Hotel: Best Western PLUS
Why: Best Value, Free Breakfast, Excellent Hotel Staff

Of the three hotels in the Atlantic Avenue area of Brooklyn, the Best Western Plus Arena Hotel provides the best combination of rates and amenities. The Best Western averages $176/night, which is more than the Hotel Lynx but less than The Brooklyn. The Hotel Lynx is basic and some guests commented that the staff is unfriendly. That’s why we recommend paying a little bit more to stay at the Best Western, which has a reputation for exceptionally friendly staff. Guests also like the free breakfast buffet and free parking at the Best Western. The Brooklyn also offers these amenities, but it is more expensive at an average $233/night. We recommend the Best Western for guests who are looking for premium hotel amenities but also wish to save money.

Staying in Gowanus Brooklyn

Staying In Gowanus Brooklyn

Travelers who want to park the car and stay in one of Brooklyn’s up and coming neighborhoods. There are several brand name hotels to choose from in this area of Brooklyn. Gowanus is a popular area of Brooklyn just across the East River from New Jersey. Artists, freelancers, and other creative types like the area as rents are still relatively low but more and more fun new businesses are sprouting up. Thomas Greene Park and Playground is great for families, but couples enjoy summer picnics there, too. Shopping is fun in Gowanus because there are so many unique boutiques to explore.

Getting from Gowanus Brooklyn to NYC

From Gowanus, it’s less than 40 minutes into Midtown Manhattan by Subway.

Gowanus Hotels near the Subway to NYC

Recommended Hotel: Hotel Le Bleu
Why: Good Rates, Free Breakfast Delivery, Exceptional Staff

There are half a dozen hotels to choose from in the Brooklyn, Gowanus area, but we recommend Hotel Le Bleu. It is located just two blocks from the Subway where you can take the yellow line to reach Times Square in 35 minutes. The nightly rate at Hotel Le Bleu is average for the area at $169/night on weekdays and $204/night on weekends. The hotel offers free parking, free wireless internet, and free breakfast. Guests like that the complimentary breakfast is delivered to your room each morning. Guests also noted that any issues were taken care of quickly by the friendly staff. We recommend Hotel Le Bleu to anyone who likes European style boutique hotels.

Staying in Sunset Park Brooklyn

Staying In Sunset Park, Brooklyn
People who want to feel like a Brooklyn resident, take in NYC views from the park, and save on hotels that also offer free parking. Sunset Park is a beautiful, waterfront part of Brooklyn. It’s one of the few areas of Brooklyn still considered “up-and-coming” and off the beaten path. Many families have lived in the area for decades but new, young residents are starting to call the area home, too. It’s a great place for young couples and families to visit. This neighborhood gets its name from the actual Sunset Park, which is a wonderful place to watch the sunset or swim in the community pool in the summer. For art lovers, Tabla Rasa Gallery is a nice place to spend an afternoon.
Getting from Sunset Park Brooklyn to NYC

Take the Subway to reach Times Square in about 35 minutes. Other parts of Brooklyn are accessible by Subway in less than twenty minutes.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Wyndham
Why: Complimentary Airport Shuttle, On-Site Restaurant

Of the six hotels in the Sunset Park area, we suggest beginning your hotel search with these three properties: Wyndham, Sleep Inn, and Hotel BPM. The Wyndham has the highest rates, but it is the only hotel in the area that hasn’t received consistent complaints about lack of cleanliness across hundreds of online reviews. The Sleep Inn and Hotel BPM get mixed reviews on cleanliness, so they are likely good options if you wish to spend a bit less. All three of these properties offer free in-room wi-fi. Only Wyndham and Hotel BPM have parking (for a fee). All three hotels offer breakfast but it’s only free at Sleep Inn. Even though the Wyndham can be up to $40 per night more than the other options, we still recommend looking at it first because it is reliably clean and friendly, plus it is the only hotel that offers a free area shuttle.

Hotels in Bay Bridge Brooklyn

Recommended Hotel: Best Western Gregory Hotel
Why: One Block from Subway, Free Wireless Internet in All Rooms, Free Breakfast Buffet

The Best Western Gregory Hotel is the only hotel in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn. The Best Western is one block from the 86th Street Subway station and from there it is a 50 minute ride into Manhattan on the yellow line. Bay Ridge is a quiet, homey neighborhood and a great oasis for those who wish to explore Manhattan but want a calm place to spend the night. The Best Western’s average price is $155/night on weekdays and $166/night on weekends. Guests complimented the free breakfast buffet that includes bagels from a local baker. Drawbacks are that there is not a gym or pool, the rooms are small, there is moderate street noise, and valet parking costs $25/day. There is free wireless internet in all rooms. If you’re looking for a basic, comfortable hotel room outside the chaos of Manhattan, try the Best Western.

Staying in Rockaway Brooklyn

Staying In Rockaway Brooklyn near the NYC Subway

Rockaway is a nice destination for for those who want to split time seeing NYC and relaxing at the beach. This beachside community is just across the bay from JFK Airport. The relaxed pace of life here is completely the opposite of the bustle of New York City just an hour away. New Yorkers enjoy coming here to visit the beach and relax while residents like being able to visit Manhattan so easily. Rockaway Beach is a popular place to spend the day getting some sun and swimming. Learn about the flora and fauna of Long Island at the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge where over 60 species of butterfly have been spotted as well as hundreds of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Getting from Rockaway to NYC

It’s takes an hour and fifteen minutes on the Subway to reach Times Square, so if you’re primary objective is sightseeing in Manhattan, Far Rockaway is not the most convenient place to stay. However, it’s only a 25 minute drive to JFK Airport, by Subway it’s about 40 minutes.

Rockaway Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: La Quinta
Why: Best Rates, On the Beach, Free Breakfast

La Quinta is the only hotel near the Beach 44th Subway station in Far Rockaway. Rates are okay for the area at an average of $149/night on weekdays and $171/night on weekends. Parking, breakfast, and WiFi are all free, plus pets are allowed. It’s a laid-back and affordable hotel with great staff. Across hundreds of online reviews, guests complimented the housekeeping staff and appreciated the mini fridge and microwave in each room. We recommend the La Quinta if you’re flying out of JFK Airport and you’d like to visit the beach during your stay.

Staying in Mott Haven, Bronx

Staying In Mott Haven Bronx

Mott Haven is great for people who like to explore up and coming neighborhoods and/or who wish to visit Manhattan without paying Manhattan prices for lodging. Mott Haven is just one Subway stop from Manhattan in an up and coming area of the South Bronx. Young professionals are moving in because rents are cheaper. Because of this vibrant, young crowd there’s a lot of new development going on in this neighborhood. Trendy shops and restaurants line Bruckner Boulevard. The famous Bronx Zoo is in Mott Haven. Yankees fans like that Mott Haven is close to Yankee Stadium, simply take the green line one stop from Grand Concourse – 149th or get a taxi.

Getting from Mott Haven to NYC

From Mott Haven, it’s easy to take the Red or Green line from the 3rd Ave. – 149 St. Subway station into Manhattan. You can be in Times Square in just 25 minutes.

Mott Haven Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Opera House Hotel
Why: Best Rates, Large Rooms, Free Parking, Free Breakfast

There are two good hotels in the Bronx, Mott Haven area, just 25 minutes from Times Square on the Subway. We recommend the Opera House Hotel, which is a better value at $132/night on weekdays and $142/night on weekends. The Umbrella Hotel costs $30-40 more per night and offers fewer amenities. The Opera House Hotel has a small, but useful gym. Guests enjoyed the spacious, clean rooms. On the downside, the free parking is limited. Both hotels have wireless internet in all rooms, but you’ll pay $7.99 for it at the Opera House while wireless is free at Umbrella. Both hotels have free parking and a free breakfast buffet of cold items. Try the Opera House Hotel if you’re looking for a large, comfortable room near Manhattan.

Staying in Upper Manhattan

Staying In Upper Manhattan

A good area for cyclist to setup shop and bike deeper into Manhattan along the river front trail systems. Washington Heights is home to a boutique hotel that isn’t too far outside of Manhattan. The Washington Heights area of Upper Manhattan sits between the Hudson River and Harlem River. It’s a vibrant urban area lined with riverside parks; you can walk from one park to the other in just thirty minutes. If you like to walk, you’ll have plenty to do in this area. Both Fort Washington Park and Highbridge Park have numerous walking trails. In the summer, street festivals crop up regularly including the Summer Art Stroll.

Getting from Upper Manhattan to other points in NYC

From 168th Street, it’s 25 minutes on the Subway to Times Square. The fastest way to get anywhere that’s not in walking distance is by Subway. Taxis are also readily available

Upper Manhattan Hotels near the NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Edge Hotel
Why: Good for a Special Occasion, Complimentary Breakfast, Valet Parking

The only hotel in walking distance of the 168th Street Subway station is the Edge Hotel. It’s a boutique hotel that generally costs around $192/night. In online reviews, guests describe Edge Hotel as cozy, yet modern. Rooms are small, but nicely organized so that you have everything you need. The hotel is decorated with modern art, and the highlights include pieces by Harold Krisel and Chris Pieretti. The Edge Hotel is a nice place to stay to celebrate a special occasion in the area.

Staying In West Farms, Bronx

Staying In West Farms Bronx

This location is best for people who want to spend a night or two in the area to visit the zoo or commute into Manhattan. While hotels are cheap, the area leaves much to be desired. West Farms sits in the northern corner of the South Bronx. It’s home to many on a low income, which makes it a cheap neighborhood to stay in. But because of the poverty and crime, there’s not a lot to do and most travelers would feel uncomfortable walking alone at night. The Bronx Zoo sits at the edge of the West Farms area, which is great for families visiting the Bronx. However, there is not much else to do in West Farms itself.

Getting from West Farms Bronx to NYC

It is just 35 minutes from Times Square on the red or green line of the NYC Subway. Taxis and ride-sharing services are also readily available.

West Farms, Bronx Hotels near NYC Subway

Recommended Hotel: Howard Johnson Express Inn
Why: Best Rates, Free Breakfast

If you’re looking to stay in the West Farms area of the Bronx, your only option is the Howard Johnson Express Inn. It’s a basic hotel with free parking and free hot and cold breakfast items. The average price at the Howard Johnson is $103/night. Each room has free wireless internet. There is a small gym with cardio machines. It is across the street from the train station and while guests liked the convenience of that, many noted that it can be loud. Smoking is allowed in this hotel. On the plus side, guests liked that rooms have mini fridges and microwaves.