New York City (Manhattan) can be accessed from New Jersey by several modes of transportation. Use the map below to discover the best bus, shuttle, train and ferry routes that connect New Jersey to NYC. Use the grid below to find the best hotels near NJ with public transportation access to NYC.

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NJ Hotels Near Public Transit to Manhattan (New York City)

NeighborhoodCommuteSytsemDestinationHotelsHotel ParkingAirport Shuttle
Lincoln Harbor5 minsFerryPier79$$$NoNo
Jersey City, Exchange Place10 minsPATHWorld Trade Center$$$NoNo
Hoboken10 minsPATHChristopher Street$$$NoNo
Jersey City, Newport15 minsPATHChristopher Street$$NoNo
Edgewater15 minsFerryPier79$$FreeNo
Jersey City, Journal Square15 minsPATHWorld Trade Center$$NoYes, Newark
Fort Lee20 minsHotel Van Service54th & Broadway$$FreeNo
North Bergen20 minsHotel Van Service41st & Broadway$FreeNo
Newark, Harrison25 minsPATHWorld Trade Center$$$NoYes, Newark
Newark, Airport30 minsNJ Transit (Train)NYC Penn Station$FreeYes, Newark
Newark, Downtown30 minsPATHWorld Trade Center$FreeYes, Newark
Rutherford35 minsNJ Transit (Train)NYC Penn Station$$$FreeNo
Irvington40 minsNJ Transit (Bus)NYC Penn Station$FreeYes, Newark
Paramus NJ50 minsNJ Transit (Bus)NYC Port Authoriy$$FreeNo
Hasbrouck Heights50 minsNJ Transit (Train)NYC Penn Station$$FreeNo
Ramsey60 minsNJ Transit (Train)NYC Penn Station$FreeNo
Mt. Arlington120 minsNJ Transit (Train)NYC Penn Station$FreeNo

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Q: How to Get from New Jersey to New York City (Manhattan) via PATH Subway

A: The PATH train system is the default choice for those who want a fast inexpensive ride from NJ into NYC. The PATH services Jersey City, Hoboken and downtown Newark. It helps NJ riders connect to multiple points in Manhattan without having to transfer to the NYC subway system and connects with World Trade Center on weekdays. There are three lines. The PATH does not connect directly with Newark airport. To access the PATH from Newark airport take the airport AirTrain (monorail) to the NJ Transit airport station, then take the NJ Transit train one station to the Newark Penn station. It may just as well be easier to stay on the NJ Transit train to Penn station in NYC rather than transfer to the PATH depending on your destination in Manhattan. The cost for any one way trip on the PATH is $2.75. Bikes are allowed, pets must be confined to a cage. The PATH will leave riders 5 blocks short of Times Square. Ride time from Newark Penn Station to NYC Penn Station is 22 minutes. Best hotels near PATH subway

Q: How to Get from New Jersey to NYC (Manhattan) via Ferry

A: The NY Waterway Ferry Company creates several opportunities to get across the Hudson from NJ to NYC. Fares for a ferry ride are between $9.00 and $11 for adults one way. Kids ride for less (rates vary between landing points). During the weekdays ferries leave about every 15 minutes from either NJ or the NYC side of the Hudson. During the weekend ferries are less frequent and run about every 30 minutes. There is only one ferry landing with a hotel nearby that operates on the weekend. That landing is the Lincoln Harbor Ferry. Crossing the Hudson takes 6 minutes. The NYC landings drop riders 4 blocks from Times Square, 2 blocks from World Trade Center, or at Pier 11 not far from Wall Street. Find the best hotel near NJ ferry to NYC.

Q: How Get from New Jersey to (Manhattan) via NJ Transit Train

A: The NJ Transit system consists of buses, several commuter rail lines, and three small light rail lines that operate near Newark, Hoboken and Jersey City. The only destination in NYC for NJ Transit trains is Penn Station which is about a 15 minute walk to Times Square. The system connects with Newark Airport. Anticipate spending an hour to commute from the airport to Penn Station in NYC. The fare will be about $12.50 and require two train transfers. NJ Transit is used by New Jersey residence as a commuter line, and has destination deep into NJ suburbs. If staying far outside of New York City to avoid any city traffic is a priority then read more about NJ hotels far outside NYC along I-80.

Q: How Get from NJ to NYC (Manhattan) via Hotel Shuttle Bus

A: There are a handful hotels in NJ that advertise a hotel shuttle service to NYC. In most cases these shuttles are run by a third party company and not by the hotel itself. Its common to find people commenting the shuttle service can be a little bit unreliable, and other people complained the buses don’t always drop people off right by the hotel door. Regardless, there are some hotels that have reliable service. Ride time into Manhattan is usually 15 minutes. Explore all the NJ hotels that offer a shuttle to NYC here.

Q: How Get from NJ to NYC (Manhattan) via Express Bus Routes

A: One of the absolute most affordable hotels is the Americas Best Value Inn outside of Newark near the Irvington bus terminal. There is a bus route that takes riders into NYC in about 40 minutes. Rates at the motel are under $70 per night. Reviews are a mixed bag, and lean toward the negative side. Several people pointed out the neighborhood is questionable. On the plus side, parking is free, so is wifi and breakfast. The motel provides a shuttle to the Newark airport as well.