Where to Stay Outside of NYC (Manhattan)

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Map Places to Stay Outside NYC in NJ

NJ Area Hotel Rates To NYC
Edgewater $$ Ferry - 20 Mins
North Bergen $ Shuttle - 20 Mins
Rutherford $$ Train - 35 Mins
Lincoln Harbor $$$ Ferry - 15 Mins
Hoboken $$$ Subway PATH - 10 Mins
Jersey City $$ Subway PATH - 10 Mins
Harrison (Newark) $$ Subway PATH - 10 Mins
Newark $$ Subway PATH - 25 Mins
Newark Airport $$ Train - 45 Mins
Port Imperrial $$$ Ferry- 15 Mins
Journal Sq $ Subway PATH - 15 Mins

Map Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx Hotels near the NYC Subway

The 5 Best Places to Stay Outside of NYC

1. Hoboken

Hoboken is a top choice for travelers staying in New Jersey due to its stunning riverfront parks, including Pier A Park, Hudson River Waterfront Walkway, and Pier C Park. Visitors can relax, enjoy the views, and take advantage of amenities such as playgrounds, gazebos, and waterfront promenades. Its also a good choice to park and ride into Manhattan for its abundant parking garages and quick access to NYC via the PATH. Additionally, Hoboken offers kayak rentals and guided tours through the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse, as well as Pier 13 with its food trucks, bar, and live music. The city is also famous for its shopping, restaurants, and vibrant nightlife, rivaling that of Manhattan.

Getting to and from Manhattan is easy using the PATH train or NY Waterway ferry. The PATH train operates frequently, with service every 15 minutes from Hoboken to 9th Street in Manhattan. The journey takes around 10-11 minutes, and the fare is $2.75 for a one-way trip. The NY Waterway ferry is another popular transportation option, with varying frequencies depending on the destination and day of the week. Both options provide convenient access to New York City for locals and visitors alike, with the PATH train being the preferred mode of transportation.

Overall, Hoboken offers a delightful combination of picturesque parks, convenient transportation options, and a vibrant city atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for travelers looking to explore both New Jersey and Manhattan.

2. Port Imperial, Weehaeken, NJ

When staying near the Port Imperial landing in Weehawken, tourists can expect a vibrant and picturesque experience. Situated on the waterfront of the Hudson River, this area offers stunning views of the New York City skyline and a range of amenities.

Tourists staying near the Port Imperial landing can easily access New York City. One option is to take advantage of the frequent ferry service that runs seven days a week between Port Imperial and Midtown/W. 39 St. This convenient mode of transportation offers a scenic and enjoyable journey across the river, providing tourists with an opportunity to take in the breathtaking sights of the Manhattan skyline.

Additionally, there are other transportation options available for traveling from Weehawken to NYC. The area is served by New Jersey Transit (NJT) buses, which provide a direct route to Manhattan.

3. Jersey City

Jersey City is the focal point of Jersey’s Gold Coast, a string of towns along the Hudson River across from the iconic NYC skyline. Tourists are drawn to Jersey City for its convenient location, with hotel options within walking distance to the three PATH stations: Newport, Exchange Place, and Grove. This also makes it a great place to park and ride with many nearby garage options.

The PATH and ferry are the best options to get from Jersey City to NYC. If you want to take the subway, the PATH is the best option for cost and flexibility. It takes less than 10 minutes to get to the World Trade Center, and about 25-30 minutes to get to 33rd Street/Herald Square. Another option is to take the NYC Waterway Ferry. This ferry runs 7 days a week from different landings in NJ, with destinations all over Midtown Manhattan. However, please note that the ferry from NJ to Ellis Island is not currently available, so it’s best to take that ferry from Manhattan.

4. Queens

Staying In Queensboro, near the Queensboro Bridge

People trying to save money by staying outside Manhattan, but who wish to be as close to Manhattan as possible will appreciate this location. The part of Queens near the Queensboro Bridge is a densely populated, middle-class waterfront area. It has a beautiful park and easy access to both Manhattan and Roosevelt Island. The Astoria neighborhood near the bridge is a top pick for people who wish to live in Queens but need to commute to Manhattan. Visit beautiful Roosevelt Island on a sunny day for a picnic and be sure to take the tram. The Museum of the Moving Image is a good place to spend a rainy day learning about the history of movies and television.

Getting from to NYC

Hop on the Subway and it’s just 20 minutes to Times Square. The Subway is the easiest way to reach most points of interest in the area.

Queensboro Bridge Area Hotels near the NYC Subway to Manhattan

Recommended Hotel: Sleep Inn
Why: Best Rates, Free Breakfast, Parking Available

The hotel options in this area can be overwhelming, there’s something here for every budget and every occasion. But we’d start by looking at just three hotels: Four Points Sheraton, Fairfield Inn, and Sleep Inn. These hotels all have rates under $200/night, breakfast available daily, wireless internet in all rooms, and parking (for a fee). Of these three hotels, the Sleep Inn is the least expensive, plus, guests consistently compliment the hot food options for breakfast and the nice showers. Guests at the Four Points tend to complain about the cost of breakfast at the hotel and prefer cheaper options nearby. Across hundreds of online reviews, many guests comment that they would return to the Sleep Inn and the Fairfield Inn on their next trip to the area. We recommend beginning your hotel search with the Sleep Inn.

5. New Rochelle, NY

Staying in New Rochelle, NY

Couples coming in for a long weekend getaway enjoy New Rochelle, the area will suite travelers who wish to have free parking and stay 40 minutes outside of Manhattan. New Rochelle is a small city in Westchester County, NY. It’s a close-knit, diverse community that includes many families who wish to raise their children outside NYC while still commuting to work in Manhattan. It’s a great place for couples to come visit for a relaxing weekend of checking out new restaurants and shopping. Families like the laid-back vibe too, as well as the nearby parks. Glen Island Park is a nice place for kids and adults to spend a day at the beach and hiking around the island. History buffs enjoy visiting the Thomas Paine Cottage.

Getting to NYC fro New Rochelle New York:

Grand Central Terminal is 40 minutes away from Rochelle Park by train. From Grand Central, you can connect to the NYC Subway. It’s best to have a car in Rochelle Park itself and it’s also easy to reach the area by car because it’s just off I-95.

The Best Hotels in New Rochelle near the Train Station to Manhattan

Recommended Hotel: Radisson
Why: Zagat-Rated Restaurant, Best Rates

The two hotels near the New Rochelle train station are the Residence Inn and Radisson. Both hotels have comparable rates and amenities, most people would be okay with either one. But the Radisson has a slight edge due to slightly lower rates most days and the on-site restaurant. The Zagat calls the restaurant, NoMa Social, one of the best seafood restaurants in the United States. On the whole, guests tend to like the Radisson, but there are some complaints that the music from the bar area can be heard in guest rooms late into the night on weekends. If you request a room on a higher floor, this should solve the issue. The Residence Inn is a fine choice as well, guests like the friendly staff and spacious rooms. But we recommend you consider the Radisson first if you’re traveling for a special occasion because of the nice bar and restaurant on-site.

The Five Best Hotels Outside of NYC

1. Comfort Inn at Edgewater, NJ

The Comfort Inn at Edgewater, NJ on Hudson River is a even balanced option for visitors to NYC who want to enjoy a stunning view of the city without the high price tag. Situated on the banks of the Hudson River, the hotel offers breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline. However, it’s important to note that on weekends, NYC Waterway Ferry services do not operate in Edgewater. Additionally, the hotel offers other great amenities such as complimentary breakfast and free parking. While some guests have complained about the limited parking availability, the free parking is still a suitable feature for travelers who want to save on parking costs. Overall, the Comfort Inn Edgewater On Hudson River is an attractive option for visitors looking to enjoy a comfortable stay with great views of NYC.

Comfort Inn - Check Rates
Avg. Rates $$
Ferry to NYC 20 Mins
Free Hotel Parking
No Airport Shuttle
Complimentary Breakfast

2. W Hotel at Hoboken, NJ

W Hotel in Hoboken NJ
The W hotel in Hoboken is the best luxury minded hotel based with immediate access to NYC via the PATH Subway, or NYC Waterway Ferry. On top of that, Hoboken will be the best neighborhood for those who want nightlife, restaurants, parks and main street shopping blocks from their hotel. Known for its amazing views of the NYC skyline the hotel offers a rooftop bar, and terrace overlooking NYC and the Hudson River. Some common complaints from guests include noise issues, particularly due to the hotel’s proximity to train tracks and a lively nightlife scene. This hotel is the perfect location to enjoy a romantic overnight in NYC with plenty of nightlife and dining options around to keep it interesting and touristy. Find nearby parking options for the W, PATH Station or Ferry here.

W - Check Rates
Avg. Rates $$$
Ferry or PATH Subway to NYC 15 Mins
Paid Hotel Parking
No Airport Shuttle
Paid Breakfast
Reserve Parking

3. Hyatt House at Jersey City, NJ

Hyatt House NJ
The Hyatt House hotel in Jersey City, NJ is the all around best choice to look at first in Jersey City. Built in 2016 atop an existing building, this hotel is beloved for its rooftop terrace with amazing views of NYC. One of the standout features of the Hyatt House is its complimentary breakfast, and rooms are equipped with convenient kitchenettes, allowing guests to prepare their own meals if desired. The hotel is a short walk away from the PATH train station or ferry landing making getting in and out of Manhattan straightforward. While the hotel does not offer free parking, there are affordable garage options nearby where guests can purchase spaces in advance.

Hyatt House - Check Rates
Avg. Rates $$$
PATH Subway to NYC 10 Mins
Paid Hotel Parking
No Airport Shuttle
Complimentary Breakfast
Reserve Parking

4. Homewood Suites at Rutherford, NJ

The Candlewood Suites in Rutherford, NJ is one of the best options for families seeking a hotel with free parking in a suburban area of NJ that is also within a short walk to the NJ Transit to NYC. It takes approximately 45 minutes to reach Manhattan, and a round-trip fare costs $12. To reach NYC, you’ll need to transfer at the next station after Rutherford, which is Secaucus Junction, and your destination will be Penn Station. For families, the hotel offers a variety of room options, including suites with multiple bedrooms and rooms with pull-out sofas. Additionally, every room has a kitchenette, allowing families to prepare their own meals, which can save time and money. Furthermore, a complimentary breakfast buffet is served, offering a delicious spread of hot and cold items such as freshly made waffles, eggs, yogurt, and cereals.

Homewod Suites - Check Rates
Avg. Rates $$
Train to NYC 45 Mins
Free Hotel Parking
No Airport Shuttle
Complimentary Breakfast

5. TRYP Wyndam in Downtown Newark, NJ

Downtown Newark Wyndam, NJ
The best hotel to consider first in Newark is the TRYP Wyndam. It underwent a remodel in 2018 and is conveniently located a short walk from Newark’s Penn Station, which services the PATH and NJ Transit Trains. Rates for hotels in Newark are usually $75 less than in Jersey City. The TRYP Wyndam boasts a rooftop lounge with stunning views of the Newark skyline, providing a perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a drink while taking in the scenic surroundings. Additionally, the hotel offers an airport shuttle service, making it a great option for those flying into Newark airport who want to save on a hotel outside of NYC. For those driving there are Newark parking garages available nearby that are cheaper than parking at the hotel.

TRYP Wyndam - Check Rates
Avg. Rates $$
PATH Subway to NYC 25 Mins
Paid Hotel Parking
Airport Shuttle
Paid Breakfast
Reserve Parking

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