safe_and_cheap_hotels_outside_nyc_near_transitFinding a safe and cheap hotel outside of New York City is a matter of perspective. While no area is ultimately always safe, some travelers will feel much more at home in certain neighborhoods around NYC.

Since public transit is widely available around NYC there are many options to stay outside Manhattan and save money on a hotel. Typically hotels in comfortable suburban settings have longer commutes into Manhattan, but come with perks like free parking and a free breakfast in the morning.

There are several safe and cheap hotels in New Jersey outside of Manhattan. As for Connecticut the options are less abundant and the cost to commute into NYC alongside time is much higher. Queens and Brooklyn offer up several areas most travelers will feel comfortable in and will have shorter commutes into NYC. Use the tables below to find neighborhoods with cheap hotels near public transit to NYC.

Reliable & Cheap Hotels Outside NYC in NJ

North Bergen20 mins$
Newark, Airport30 mins$
Newark, Downtown30 mins$
Ramsey60 mins$
Mt. Arlington120 mins$
Jersey City, Newport15 mins$$
Edgewater15 mins$$
Jersey City, Journal Square15 mins$$
Fort Lee20 mins$$
Paramus NJ50 mins$$
Hasbrouck Heights50 mins$$

Reliable & Cheap Hotels Outside NYC in Brooklyn, Queens

Queens, Hunters Point20 mins$$
Queensboro Bridge Area20 mins$$
Bronx, Mott Haven25 mins$$
Brooklyn, Gowanus35 mins$$
Sunset Park, Brooklyn35 mins$$
Brooklyn, Greenwood40 mins$$
Queens, Corona40 mins$$
Rockaway Park (Beach)75 mins$$

Reliable & Cheap Hotels Outside NYC in CT / NY

Bridgeport90 mins$
New Haven90 mins$
Norwalk90 mins$
Stamford55 mins$$

What Can I Expect in Manhattan for Less Than $150

When talking about cheap hotels in Manhattan consider that any hotel under $150 per night in Manhattan is a bargain. That price point will not include major chain hotels. What you’ll find at that rate is hotels with small rooms in Midtown. You’ll find hostels, or the YMCA. This is why many travelers looking into hotel options outside of NYC, in NJ, Brooklyn and Queens.