Use the map below to locate areas in New York State and Connecticut that have hotels within walking distance to train stations. All trains along the MTA North lines have a final destination at Grand Central Terminal. Find hotels along I-95 north in New York and Connecticut that have free parking.

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NeighorhoodCommuteHotelsHotel Parking
Rochelle Park40 mins$$$Free
Port Chester40 mins$$$Free
Yonkers, I-8745 mins$$$Free
Grennwich50 mins$$$Free
Stamford55 mins$$Free
White Plains55 mins$$$No
Bridgeport90 mins$No
New Haven90 mins$Free
Norwalk90 mins$Free

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ct hotels near new york city

Rochelle Park40 mins$$$
Port Chester40 mins$$$
Yonkers, I-8745 mins$$$
Grennwich50 mins$$$
Stamford55 mins$$
White Plains55 mins$$$
Bridgeport90 mins$
New Haven90 mins$
Norwalk90 mins$