North Jersey offers up several neighborhoods with both a hotel and easy access to public transit into Manhattan. Staying in North Jersey has perks, especially if you are driving to the area and need to park a car.

There are 17 neighborhoods we picked out for the best hotel options that are close to public transportation like the: ferry, PATH system, NJ transit bus, NJ transit train and the hotel van service.

The most affordable areas with hotels that area near transit to Manhattan are North Bergen, Newark Airport, Newark Downtown, Irvington, Ramsey and Mt. Arlington.

For more convenience with a decent price range, consider looking into Newport, Journal Square, Edgewater, Fort Lee, Paramus NJ and Hasbrouck Heights. These areas are typically closer to Manhattan and offer a great combination of both cost efficiency and location. The most expensive areas with the best locations are Lincoln Harbor, Exchange Place, Hoboken, Newark Harrison and Rutherford.

Cheapest Places to Stay in North Jersey

Mt. Arlington, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Mount Arlington is a suburban area in New Jersey about 45 miles outside of Manhattan. Families like the area for convenience to shopping and activities. The numerous strip malls are full of typical chain restaurants and shops plus a few hidden gems. The Mount Arlington area is a little different from many suburbs, however, because it has so many parks..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Mt. Arlington will appeal to travelers who are passing by the larger NYC area and want to avoid any NYC traffic, park the car, save on a hotel and don’t mind a 90 minute train ride into Manhattan. Arlington, NJ Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: It takes about an hour and a half by bus to reach the Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square from Mt. Arlington. By train, you can take NJ Transit to Hoboken and then switch to the PATH to reach Manhattan. If you’re looking to spend time in Mt. Arlington, it’s more convenient to have a car, but the bus can also get you where you need to go.

North Bergen (Hotel Shuttles)

Neighborhood Vibe: North Bergen is a hilly neighborhood with an extremely high population density. Wherever you go, there will be people there. There are a few parks in the area and decent restaurants. But it is mostly a bland mix of retail areas and housing developments..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up North Bergen offers up economy hotels that have various levels of shuttle service to Manhattan. Travelers uncomfortable taking public transit will appreciate these options. In some cases shuttle run from the hotel lobby in other cases they pickup and drop off at a nearby intersection. North Bergen Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: Public transportation in this area is not readily available. Area hotels offer van service into New York City. Otherwise, driving is your best bet.

Newark, Downtown

Neighborhood Vibe: New Jersey’s largest city is a great destination less than ten miles from Manhattan. Because it’s a huge travel hub, many people just pass through Newark without checking out the city. That’s a real shame because Newark has so much to offer in terms of art and food. Spend a little time exploring Newark’s art galleries and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this nearly forgotten city..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up ewark provides a nice mix of quick access to Manhattan via the PATH, and also quick access to Newark’s airport. Downtown has places to eat and go out at night, this should satisfy both business and leisure travelers looking affordable alternatives to NYC without staying in the suburbs. Hotels in Downtown Newark.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Newark’s Penn Station it’s just 20 minutes to Manhattan’s Financial District on the PATH train. Or visitors can take NJ Transit to New York Penn Station in the heart of Midtown in just 25 minutes.

Irvington, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: The Irvington neighborhood is just a few miles from Newark Airport. It’s a typical suburban area without too much to do. The area has a high crime rate, so many people do not wish to live here. Most visitors are just passing through on their way to or from the airport..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who need a very affordable place to stay near an express bus route to NYC. Hotels offer a shuttle to Newark Airport. Irvingotn, NJ Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: The best way to get around this area without a car is by bus. You can be at Penn Station in Midtown Manhattan in about 40 minutes. Newark Airport is just 25 minutes away on the 37 bus.

North Jersey Hotels, Balancing Location & Savings

Jersey City, Edgewater, Journal Square, Fort Lee, Paramus and Hasbrouck Heights are the best options for those looking to balance a mix of location and savings on hotels. These areas are also very close to major NYC attractions like the Statue of Liberty. Edgewater has some of the best views of Manhattan, and is a very quiet neighborhood only about three and a half miles long. Fort Lee is a very busy area with a lot of traffic going in and out towards NYC, but also offers a diverse community with a bustling Koreatown, great for shopping and restaurants. Paramus is primarily known for its shopping malls and low cost of living. It’s basically a suburb that will appeal to families. Hasbrouck Heights is a well known neighborhood great for football fans. Meadowlands Sports Complex and Metlife Stadium are in the area and you’ll see an influx of Jets and Giants fans in the area.

Jersey City, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Jersey City is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas for people who work in Manhattan but want or need to live outside the city. The heavy commuter traffic means that many of the best things to do in Jersey City are centered around the PATH stations. The Exchange Place PATH station is on the Hudson River where there’s a waterfront walkway and a park, restaurants and museums are just a few blocks away.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up People who are particularly interested in sights in Lower Manhattan like this area because it is close to the city, but cheaper than staying in Manhattan. Jersey City Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From most areas of Jersey City, you can be in Manhattan in under 20 minutes via the PATH. From Exchange Place to the World Trade Center, it takes just six minutes. From the World Trade Center, it’s easy to connect to the Subway to reach other areas of New York City.

Edgewater, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Located in New Jersey just across the Hudson River from Upper Manhattan, Edgewater is a tiny three and a half mile long borough. It was once a booming factory town, but now it’s much quieter. It’s popular among those who want to live near, but not in, New York City. The views of Manhattan from Edgewater are incredible and the best part of chilling out in Edgewater. .

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who want to take the ferry to Manhattan and take in excellent views of the Manhattan skyline. Keep a close eye on the ferry schedule as during weekends, and late evening their is not service. Edgewater Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: The best way into Manhattan from Edgewater is on the ferry. It’s just a 15 minute ride from Edgewater to Pier 79 in Midtown Manhattan.

Paramus, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Paramus, NJ is a suburb of New York City. Many people live here because of it’s proximity to New York, lower cost of living, and the convenience of numerous shopping malls. .

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up People who want a comfortable suburban setting, and accommodations that include free parking will appreciate Paramus for its express bus route to Manhattan. Paramus, NJ Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: It’s about fifty minutes by bus to the Port Authority station in New York City. To get around Paramus, it’s best to have a car.

Hasbrouck Heights

Neighborhood Vibe: Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey is a residential suburb of New York City. Most visitors are football fans who wish to see the Jets or Giants play. Much of the activity in the area centers around the football stadium and Teterboro Airport, though there are also many strip malls. .

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who desire a comfortable suburban area just of I-80 and a 50 minute train ride into NYC. Hotels have free parking. This is a good location to the Giants or Jets play. Hasbrouck Heights Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: The purple NJ Transit line from Teterboro station reaches Penn Station in Manhattan in about 50 minutes. Newark Airport is about an hour or more away with a transfer.

Prime Locations for Hotels in North Jersey Near Transit to Manhattan

Some great places to visit in North Jersey with high quality hotels are: Exchange Place, Hoboken, Harrison Newark, Rutherford and Lincoln Harbor. Exchange Place in Jersey City is a popular location in Downtown Jersey City. The commute into Times Square takes about 20 minutes, making it convenient for any traveler. Hoboken is another popular location with luxury hotel offerings. Hoboken is an affluent little village with beautiful sceneries and walkable areas. Don’t expect any cheap offerings in Hoboken, though, as rates are typically over $300 per night. Lincoln Harbor is a nice coastal neighborhood on the other side of the Hudson River from Manhattan. Traveling over to Manhattan only takes 5 minutes by ferry, making the location incredibly convenient.


Neighborhood Vibe: Hoboken is a little village that sits right on the Hudson River just across from Manhattan. The best things to do in Hoboken are all in a small, walkable area that has a bright, youthful energy as more and more young people are moving to Hoboken..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers will be attracted to the vibrant walkable neighborhood of Hoboken, and quick access to Manhattan. Economy minded travelers won’t find good options here. Hoboken Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Hoboken, it’s just 8 minutes on the PATH to Christopher Street in the West Village. Once you’re in Manhattan, you can connect to the Subway to get all over the city. Newark Airport is accessible from Hoboken in under an hour.

Lincoln Harbor, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Lincoln Harbor is a coastal neighborhood in Weehawken, New Jersey. The only thing separating Lincoln Harbor from Manhattan is the Hudson River. The Lincoln Tunnel for driving between New Jersey and New York sits at the edge of Weehawken Waterfront Recreation Park. It’s an area many people pass through every day, but some families do live in the area and enjoy the parks and waterfront..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who want to impress a loved one by having a hotel with an excellent view of the New York City Skyline. Those who want to take the Ferry from NYC to Manhattan. Lincoln Harbor Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Lincoln Harbor, the fastest and most convenient way to Manhattan is via the ferry, which takes five minutes to get to Midtown. Taking the bus or driving will get you to Times Square in 15 – 20 minutes via the Lincoln Tunnel.