Q: Does the NYC subway system connect with New Jersey?

nj subway to nycA: Yes, there is a subway system that connects Manhattan and the World Trade Center with New Jersey, but it is not part of the MTA / New York City subway system. This system is called the PATH train. It is just like a subway system. The purpose of the PATH is to move people between NYC and NJ as fast as possible. This make staying at a New Jersey hotel near the NYC subway much easier.

NJ Subway Stations with Hotels Nearby

NeighborhoodCommuteSytsemHotelsHotel Parking
Jersey City, Exchange Place10 minsPATH$$$No
Hoboken10 minsPATH$$$No
Jersey City, Newport15 minsPATH$$No
Jersey City, Journal Square15 minsPATH$$No
Newark, Harrison25 minsPATH$$$No
Newark, Downtown30 minsPATH$Free
Q: What does it cost to ride the subway from NJ to NYC?

A: The PATH train costs one flat fee no matter how long the ride, as of the summer of 2015 that fee was $2.75 per trip.

Q: How often does the NJ subway to NYC (PATH) run?

A: Trains run at worst thirty minutes apart, but much more frequently during rush hour between the most popular stations.

Q: How late does the NYC subway to NJ (PATH) run?

A: As of the summer of 2015 trains run 24/7. The only interruption in service is that the green line which connects Hoboken and World Trade Center does not run on weekends, or holidays.

Q: Does the NYC subway or PATH train connect with Newark Airport?

A: No the PATH, nor NYC subway does not connect with EWR (Newark airport) but the PATH system does connect very close to the airport at the downtown Newark PATH station. See this article on getting to and from Newark airport from NYC.

Q: How long does it take to get from NJ to Manhattan.

A: The longest ride is no more than 25 minutes, most rides between NJ and NYC on the PATH subway are less than 15 minutes. It is the best mode of transportation between NJ and Manhattan.

Q: What stations have hotels near the NYC subway stations in NJ?

A: All NJ PATH train stations have hotels within walking distance. See this map of all transportation options from NJ to NYC for information on hotel rates near each station. Below is a blurb about each station and the hotel options.

Jersey City, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Jersey City is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas for people who work in Manhattan but want or need to live outside the city. The heavy commuter traffic means that many of the best things to do in Jersey City are centered around the PATH stations. The Exchange Place PATH station is on the Hudson River where there’s a waterfront walkway and a park, restaurants and museums are just a few blocks away.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up People who are particularly interested in sights in Lower Manhattan like this area because it is close to the city, but cheaper than staying in Manhattan. Jersey City Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From most areas of Jersey City, you can be in Manhattan in under 20 minutes via the PATH. From Exchange Place to the World Trade Center, it takes just six minutes. From the World Trade Center, it’s easy to connect to the Subway to reach other areas of New York City.

Newark, Downtown

Neighborhood Vibe: New Jersey’s largest city is a great destination less than ten miles from Manhattan. Because it’s a huge travel hub, many people just pass through Newark without checking out the city. That’s a real shame because Newark has so much to offer in terms of art and food. Spend a little time exploring Newark’s art galleries and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this nearly forgotten city..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up ewark provides a nice mix of quick access to Manhattan via the PATH, and also quick access to Newark’s airport. Downtown has places to eat and go out at night, this should satisfy both business and leisure travelers looking affordable alternatives to NYC without staying in the suburbs. Hotels in Downtown Newark.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Newark’s Penn Station it’s just 20 minutes to Manhattan’s Financial District on the PATH train. Or visitors can take NJ Transit to New York Penn Station in the heart of Midtown in just 25 minutes.


Neighborhood Vibe: Hoboken is a little village that sits right on the Hudson River just across from Manhattan. The best things to do in Hoboken are all in a small, walkable area that has a bright, youthful energy as more and more young people are moving to Hoboken..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers will be attracted to the vibrant walkable neighborhood of Hoboken, and quick access to Manhattan. Economy minded travelers won’t find good options here. Hoboken Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Hoboken, it’s just 8 minutes on the PATH to Christopher Street in the West Village. Once you’re in Manhattan, you can connect to the Subway to get all over the city. Newark Airport is accessible from Hoboken in under an hour.


Neighborhood Vibe: Harrison is across the river from downtown Newark, New Jersey. The area has a strong industrial feel due to the numerous rail lines and the use of the waterfront area for shipping and trade. It has undergone construction with new areas, hotels, and apartments in recent years..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who want a free shuttle to the Newark airport and quick access to downtown Manahttan via the PATH. The Newark soccer stadium is nearby, Red Bull arena. Harrison Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Harrison, you can be at the World Trade Center in 25 minutes on the PATH. If you’re staying in Harrison itself, your best bet is to drive.