safe_and_cheap_hotels_outside_nyc_near_transitFinding an affordable hotel in New York City is difficult. Especially toward the tourist hubs in Midtown Manhattan that is home to Times Square and Rockefeller Center. Often when people go looking for a hotel room in NYC what they find for less than $150 are very small rooms, hostels, or even the YMCA. Worse, parking in Manhattan average $30 to $40 per day, and the tolls to bring a car into Manhattan are $14.

Because of the high costs travelers often look for hotel outside of NYC in New Jersey just across the Hudson River. We set out to chart the cost savings of staying at a hotel in Jersey vs. NYC without sacrificing the quality of the hotel itself. We examined three typical situations when looking for a New Jersey hotel near NYC. First, staying in Jersey City near the Hudson River by the PATH / ferry landings, second staying near in Downtown Newark, and third staying in North Bergen and taking a shuttle to NYC.

Candlewood Suites Manhattan vs. Jersey City

It’s reasonable to want the shortest commute possible into NYC from NJ. One of the best places to stay in NJ near NYC for this is in Jersey City near one of the PATH train stations. The PATH is the fastest and most affordable mode of transportation from NJ to NYC. There are two end points for the PATH. One on 33rd street in Midtown Manhattan and the other at the Finanical District at the World Trade Center. Staying in Jersey City has other perks as well. For starts travelers can elect to take the ferry across the Hudson to NYC, and some of the hotels have magnificent views of the NYC skyline. Travelers will be happy to know along the Hudson river in NJ is a river walk trail, and that Jersey City toward the water is a bustling area filled with young professionals commuting to NYC. As for hotel Candlewood Suites near the Exchange Place PATH train station is one of the best options. Commute time to NYC is about 15 minutes. The hotel is only two blocks from the PATH station. Expect to save at least $100 per night at this Candlewood Suites over it’s sister location in Midtown. Check rates for Candlewood Suites in Jersey City below.

Staying in Newark Best Western vs. Midtown Best Western

Staying in Newark has its advantages, especially for travelers who are planning on arriving at Newark’s airport. The Best Western in downtown Newark provides a shuttle from the airport. Parking is free, so is wifi and breakfast. The hotel is 5 blocks from the PATH train station that will have rider to either Midtown or the Financial District in 30 minutes. When compare to the Best Western in Midtown the savings are over $200 per night. Not to mention the cost of parking in Manhattan and tolls.

Staying in NJ Holiday Inn With Shuttle to NYC vs. Midtown Holiday Inn

A handful of hotels in North Bergen, NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel work with third part shuttle services that give travelers a lift between NJ and Manhattan. These hotels in North Bergen are really best suited for spending the night. Travelers won’t be impressed by the surroundings. Despite a less than ideal location the hotels can offer tremendous savings in both nightly rates and parking. For instance, the Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen will save travelers over $150 per night on the weekdays and more during the weekend when compared to staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Midtown Manhattan.