nj_train_to_nycThere are fewer than 20 hotels near New Jersey trains to New York City. Two train systems run from NJ to NYC, those are the PATH an NJ Transit trains. Anticipate spending between 15 minutes to 30 minutes traveling by into NYC via the PATH subway system. Since the NJ Transit trains span much deeper into the suburbs of NYC it can take between 15 to 90 minutes to reach NYC. Use this handy map to see what PATH and NJ Transit Train stations have a hotel nearby.


Hotels in NJ Near Train to NYC

NeighborhoodCommuteSytsemHotelsHotel Parking
Jersey City, Exchange Place10 minsPATH$$$No
Hoboken10 minsPATH$$$No
Jersey City, Newport15 minsPATH$$No
Jersey City, Journal Square15 minsPATH$$No
Newark, Harrison25 minsPATH$$$No
Newark, Downtown30 minsPATH$Free
Newark, Airport30 minsNJ Transit $Free
Rutherford35 minsNJ Transit $$$Free
Hasbrouck Heights50 minsNJ Transit $$Free
Ramsey60 minsNJ Transit $Free
Mt. Arlington120 minsNJ Transit $Free

NJ Neighborhoods with Hotel & Train to NYC

Jersey City, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Jersey City is quickly becoming one of the most popular areas for people who work in Manhattan but want or need to live outside the city. The heavy commuter traffic means that many of the best things to do in Jersey City are centered around the PATH stations. The Exchange Place PATH station is on the Hudson River where there’s a waterfront walkway and a park, restaurants and museums are just a few blocks away.

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up People who are particularly interested in sights in Lower Manhattan like this area because it is close to the city, but cheaper than staying in Manhattan. Jersey City Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From most areas of Jersey City, you can be in Manhattan in under 20 minutes via the PATH. From Exchange Place to the World Trade Center, it takes just six minutes. From the World Trade Center, it’s easy to connect to the Subway to reach other areas of New York City.


Neighborhood Vibe: Hoboken is a little village that sits right on the Hudson River just across from Manhattan. The best things to do in Hoboken are all in a small, walkable area that has a bright, youthful energy as more and more young people are moving to Hoboken..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers will be attracted to the vibrant walkable neighborhood of Hoboken, and quick access to Manhattan. Economy minded travelers won’t find good options here. Hoboken Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Hoboken, it’s just 8 minutes on the PATH to Christopher Street in the West Village. Once you’re in Manhattan, you can connect to the Subway to get all over the city. Newark Airport is accessible from Hoboken in under an hour.


Neighborhood Vibe: Harrison is across the river from downtown Newark, New Jersey. The area has a strong industrial feel due to the numerous rail lines and the use of the waterfront area for shipping and trade. It has undergone construction with new areas, hotels, and apartments in recent years..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who want a free shuttle to the Newark airport and quick access to downtown Manahttan via the PATH. The Newark soccer stadium is nearby, Red Bull arena. Harrison Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Harrison, you can be at the World Trade Center in 25 minutes on the PATH. If you’re staying in Harrison itself, your best bet is to drive.

Newark, Downtown

Neighborhood Vibe: New Jersey’s largest city is a great destination less than ten miles from Manhattan. Because it’s a huge travel hub, many people just pass through Newark without checking out the city. That’s a real shame because Newark has so much to offer in terms of art and food. Spend a little time exploring Newark’s art galleries and you’ll have a whole new appreciation for this nearly forgotten city..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up ewark provides a nice mix of quick access to Manhattan via the PATH, and also quick access to Newark’s airport. Downtown has places to eat and go out at night, this should satisfy both business and leisure travelers looking affordable alternatives to NYC without staying in the suburbs. Hotels in Downtown Newark.

getting_around_48Getting Around: From Newark’s Penn Station it’s just 20 minutes to Manhattan’s Financial District on the PATH train. Or visitors can take NJ Transit to New York Penn Station in the heart of Midtown in just 25 minutes.

Hasbrouck Heights

Neighborhood Vibe: Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey is a residential suburb of New York City. Most visitors are football fans who wish to see the Jets or Giants play. Much of the activity in the area centers around the football stadium and Teterboro Airport, though there are also many strip malls. .

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Travelers who desire a comfortable suburban area just of I-80 and a 50 minute train ride into NYC. Hotels have free parking. This is a good location to the Giants or Jets play. Hasbrouck Heights Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: The purple NJ Transit line from Teterboro station reaches Penn Station in Manhattan in about 50 minutes. Newark Airport is about an hour or more away with a transfer.

Mt. Arlington, NJ

Neighborhood Vibe: Mount Arlington is a suburban area in New Jersey about 45 miles outside of Manhattan. Families like the area for convenience to shopping and activities. The numerous strip malls are full of typical chain restaurants and shops plus a few hidden gems. The Mount Arlington area is a little different from many suburbs, however, because it has so many parks..

Who is Best for this Location?

thumbs_up Mt. Arlington will appeal to travelers who are passing by the larger NYC area and want to avoid any NYC traffic, park the car, save on a hotel and don’t mind a 90 minute train ride into Manhattan. Arlington, NJ Hotels.

getting_around_48Getting Around: It takes about an hour and a half by bus to reach the Port Authority Bus Terminal near Times Square from Mt. Arlington. By train, you can take NJ Transit to Hoboken and then switch to the PATH to reach Manhattan. If you’re looking to spend time in Mt. Arlington, it’s more convenient to have a car, but the bus can also get you where you need to go.


Q: What Areas in NJ have Hotels Outside NYC Near Train Stations?

There are a diverse number of areas in NJ near a train to NYC. Choosing the the right one depends on expectations, budget and the purpose of your trip.

A: Business Travelers. Business minded travelers might appreciate Newark, especially those who are flying into Newark airport. There are several hotels which offer a shuttle from Newark airport (EWR) and are within walking distance to the PATH train or Newark’s Penn Station. Downtown Newark will offer up plenty of restaurants, and there are enough hotel options to fit any budget. Read more about hotels near Newark train station to NYC.

A: Tourists. Hoboken and Jersey City are popular destinations especially for tourist. The population for the most part is young professionals commuting into the city on a daily basis for work. Families will appreciate that short term one or two bedroom luxury apartments can be rented near train stations to NYC. The best deal on a hotel in this area is near the Journal Square PATH train station. Generally, the closer you are to the Hudson River the nicer the surrounding and the more expensive the hotel. The view of Manhattan is pretty nice from the Hudson, and commute times on the PATH are quick to Manhattan. Plus, tourist staying close to the river have the option of taking a ferry to NYC. See our map of train stations outside NYC and learn more.

Families might want to consider Rutherford as another option, but there is only one hotel near the Rutherford station and it is Homewood Suites. The area around the hotel is not inspiring, but guests there appreciated the fact that it is next to a police station.

Q: What Hotels Have Free Parking by a NJ Train to NYC?

A: There are no hotels in Hoboken or Jersey City that have free parking near the PATH trains to NYC. Newark is the closest available train station that has a hotel which offers free parking. That hotel is the Best Western near Newark Penn Station. Travelers who don’t mind an hour plus commute into NYC can find free parking at hotels deep in NJ suburbs. Find all hotels with free parking outside NYC.

Q:What Are the Best Hotels in NJ Near the PATH Train to NYC?

A: The Best Western is well liked by travelers for offering free parking, free breakfast, free wifi, and a free shuttle from Newark airport. The hotel is within 3 blocks of either Newark’s PATH train station or Newark Penn Station that services NJ Transit trains. Rates usually don’t exceed $120 per night. Read more about the Best Western near the Newark PATH station.

Q:What Are the Best Hotels in Hoboken, NJ Near the PATH Train?

A: There is only one hotel within walking distance to the Hoboken PATH train. That is the W and rates are expensive, but guests can expect to have a good view of Manhattan from rooms facing the Hudson. Hoboken offers up a vibrant neighborhood. Read more about the W near the Hoboken PATH train.

Q:What Are the Best Hotels in Jersey City, NJ Near the PATH Train?

A: Jersey City is a broadly defined area. Generally speaking it is the area between Hoboken and Statan Island. Families and groups traveling together should look into Sky City Apartments near the Exchange Place PATH. While a minimum stay is 4 nights, guests will have a luxury apartment with a full kitchen to themselves. Read more about the best hotels for families near a train to NYC. Beyond this it is a toss up between Doubletree near the Newport PATH train station, or Candlewood Suites near Exchange Place PATH train station.

Q:What Trains Go From Penn Station in NYC to Newark, NJ?

A: The only trains that go from Penn Station in NYC to Newark’s Penn Station are NJ Transit trains. Trains run every hour, but don’t run very late at night. Travelers can also utilize the PATH train that runs more frequently to access Newark Penn Station from NYC.

Q:How Do I Get from NYC to Newark Airport (EWR)?

A: There are two primary options. For starters both NJ Transit trains and PATH trains do not directly connect to EWR (Newark Airport). In order to get to to NYC from Newark airport travelers first need to get to Newark’s Penn Station where they can board the PATH or a NJ Transit train to NYC. They can do this three ways from the airport; a) take a cab, b) take a bus, or c) take the AirTrain to Newark Airport Rail Station which is part of NJ Transit and has trains that connect to Newark’s Penn Station or NYC.